Corporate Concierge Services

If you're a leader in your organization, work in Human Resources, or otherwise want to better the lives of your employees, consider  Corporate Concierge Services as a benefit for your staff! Everyday Errand is happy to take the to-do lists of your employees; in turn, your staff will be more focused, energized, and ready to give it their all during their work day.

Give us a call today for a quote and start offering your employees another great benefit and reason to love to work at your company!

Only Bundles 

​Need just grocery services (shopping and delivery)? Or just organizing services? Or maybe a little of everything but for this week only? With Everyday Errand's NEW bundle model, you can choose and purchase for the service you'd like. Not a lengthy commitment, and you can see the results FAST; usually within three hours we can accomplish your project (or give you a really good idea of the direction to head)! Prices vary based on your project. Call, text, or email for details!

Bundle Pricing makes it simple 

Need an ongoing service? Expecting multiple requests for a hectic month? A bundle package or "retainer-style" pricing model will work best for you. Multiple requests are fine, and Everyday Errand will track the hours used. Once the bundle package is purchased, payment is expected (cash, check, or credit card) and services will begin as needed. You can use the hours anytime, there are NO membership fees, and you have up to a year to use your hours. (What will YOU do with those extra hours in your schedule?)

Prices vary by project, but as a general rule of thumb you can expect to pay about $130 for a bundle of three hours. Once you're a client, you can make your request(s), and use your bundled hours! Ready to get started? Call or text: 864.735.7218 or email